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Experience the Modern e-Discovery Story [VIDEO]

2017-05-26+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Relativity Product Spotlight

051117-connected-experience-fest-video-2.pngCorporate legal teams are bringing more e-discovery expertise in-house—and finding ways to save time and money on processes beyond litigation.

Still, while corporate counsel are getting more savvy, their projects continue to get more complex. Data volumes continue to grow, information moves and lives across borders more often than ever, and the technology behind it all never stops evolving. That means in-house minds often need outside support.

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Why You Need to Create a Centralized Case Summary for Every e-Discovery Project

2017-05-26+0000| | Review & Production, Relativity Product Spotlight

042617-Fact-Manager---Centralized-Case-Summary.pngNo case is black and white. As data is investigated, the matter evolves—and so does your case strategy. Keeping track of facts, chronologies, and hot documents can get complicated fast.

Why not bring it all together?

Developing your written case summary as a Microsoft Word or Google document and keeping it up to date is counterproductive. It’s like shooting a movie while you’re writing the script. And it’s why we created Relativity Fact Manager.

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Two Words Every e-Discovery Professional Should Know

2017-05-26+0000| | Review & Production, Law Firm, Litigation Support, Relativity Product Spotlight

blog_event-handler.pngTechnology is, of course, a big component of e-discovery, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who works in this industry is a tech genius. Most lawyers and litigation support professionals don’t know (or care) about JavaScript or the nitty gritty of how their smartphone ticks. Using technology shouldn’t require expertise under the hood.

Technophile or technophobe, every attorney and review manager who wants to do e-discovery faster should know these two words: event handlers.

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What 85 Percent of App Users Want—and e-Discovery Pros Need

2017-05-26+0000| | Mobile, Law Firm, Litigation Support, Relativity Product Spotlight

blog_what-85-percent-app-users-want.png.pngIn a recent study about mobile use in the legal industry conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors, a sample of 25 law firm partners all said it’s essential they have mobile access to their work. When asked how frequently they use mobile in their jobs, all 25 partners said “every day” with one partner clarifying: “It’s probably every minute. I’m constantly on something.”

Every minute sounds pretty intense, but maybe not so when you consider how often your mobile device is likely with you. If you’re constantly using it for work purposes, your mobile experiences need to be fast and reliable. This is what we, as mobile consumers and busy professionals, have rightfully come to expect.

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A New Way to Look at Emails: Solving the 4 Most Common Email Review Challenges

2017-05-26+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Litigation Support, Relativity Product Spotlight

blog_9.5-release.pngEarlier this year, our friend Angela Green of Leidos said something we can totally get behind: “If nothing else, run email threading.”

Angela, a proud evangelist for analytics, went on to explain how email threading drastically cuts down the amount of time you spend reviewing documents—and she’s right. When review teams use email threading, the results are pretty amazing, from Sheehan Phinney getting a $1.2 million win for their client to Troutman Sanders reducing the number of emails in their data set by 34 percent.

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Case Study: Next-level ECA with Ballard Spahr

2017-05-26+0000| | ECA & Investigation, Community, Law Firm, Relativity Product Spotlight

blog_ballard-spahr-case-study.pngEditor's Note: This article was originally published by Law Journal Newsletters.

Ballard Spahr is a national firm of more than 500 lawyers in 14 offices. We represent clients in more than 40 areas of litigation, business and finance, intellectual property, real estate, and public finance. Our clients include large public companies, privately held corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the occasional individual.

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Spotlight on Reed Smith: An e-Discovery Approach to M&A Due Diligence [Video]

2017-05-26+0000| | Community, Relativity Product Spotlight

102516-inno-award-winner-spotlight-enterprise.pngEach year, the Innovation Awards celebrate organizations that build on the Relativity platform in creative ways, solving difficult or unique challenges within and outside of e-discovery via custom solutions and applications. During this year’s awards ceremony at Relativity Fest 2016, two winners—one from our partner community, and one enterprise—were recognized for their success.

Reed Smith took home the prize in the Best Law Firm or Corporate Solution category, with an application that helped a large financial client with an M&A due diligence challenge. The client needed to identify all of their contracts that would require third-party consent during the sale of several business units. Built to help the team prioritize which units to sell first, the innovation—called Consent Tracker—draws on analytics workflows and dynamic objects. In its first case, it helped them perform an analysis that would otherwise have taken six months in just one—and save their client more than three million dollars.

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From EA to Microsoft: 7 Tales of Simplifying and Accelerating e-Discovery [Videos]

2017-05-26+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support, Relativity Product Spotlight


Relativity Fest 2016 came to a close earlier this week and, just like every year, we all gained a lot of new Twitter followers who are going to immediately be disappointed when we go back to talking about kittens and politics exclusively.

But we’re also already filled with new ideas. Relativity Fest is an opportunity to bring the awesome e-discovery community together—a community filled with intelligent, friendly folks—and hear their stories about how they’ve made e-discovery better and faster.

Earlier this week on The Relativity Blog, we described a few ways we’re planning to fulfill our vision to simplify and accelerate how the world conducts e-discovery by bringing the process and community together. Today, we wanted to help with that second part, by bringing together stories a few members of the community shared during the show. They all joined Andrew Sieja, founder and CEO of kCura, on stage for the opening keynote that kicked off Relativity Fest.

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7 Ways to Simplify and Accelerate e-Discovery

2017-05-26+0000| | Community, Relativity Product Spotlight

uni-exp-blog-featured-image.pngThis morning, our founder and CEO, Andrew Sieja, presented our new vision during the keynote of the seventh-annual Relativity Fest.

If you’ve ever heard him talk about kCura before, you’ve probably heard that our vision is to become “the e-discovery company.” But we’re done with that. The vision of our company should be about our customers, the people using our software every single day, whose jobs we want to make better, faster, and easier. Our vision shouldn’t be about us.

So we changed it. We want to simplify and accelerate how the world conducts e-discovery by bringing the entire process and community together in one open, flexible, and connected platform. That’s our vision. And today we’re excited to share a few ways Andrew announced we’re going to fulfill that vision. Check out the full  recording of the keynote and read through the highlights right here.

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21 e-Discovery Innovations You May Not Have Heard Of

2017-05-26+0000| | Community, Relativity Product Spotlight

100416-Innovation-Awards-Participants.pngBefore we narrowed down our Innovation Awards participants into six finalists, we had about two dozen impressive entries to consider. For a third consecutive year, e-discovery teams from across the legal industry submitted some incredible work—work that’s changing the face of not just e-discovery, but various other projects that can be better handled with e-discovery software.

In admiring the submissions, we noticed five areas where customers are focusing their development efforts and problem-solving prowess. They give a nod to the trends around growing data volumes and diversity, greater demand for cost-effectiveness and ROI across legal work, and an increased reliance on advanced searching and analytics tools that help projects move faster. For those who want to dig deeper into the participants, here’s a peek at many of them.

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