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What 85 Percent of App Users Want—and e-Discovery Pros Need

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, Law Firm, Litigation Support, Relativity Spotlight

blog_what-85-percent-app-users-want.png.pngIn a recent study about mobile use in the legal industry conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors, a sample of 25 law firm partners all said it’s essential they have mobile access to their work. When asked how frequently they use mobile in their jobs, all 25 partners said “every day” with one partner clarifying: “It’s probably every minute. I’m constantly on something.”

Every minute sounds pretty intense, but maybe not so when you consider how often your mobile device is likely with you. If you’re constantly using it for work purposes, your mobile experiences need to be fast and reliable. This is what we, as mobile consumers and busy professionals, have rightfully come to expect.

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Legal Lessons from the Mobility Movement

2017-07-27+0000| | Legal Hold, Mobile, In-house Counsel, Law Firm

ilta-logo-mobility-lessons.pngIn honor of ILTACON 2016, which kicks off August 28, we’d like to share an article originally published in ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine. The article, authored by kCura’s David Horrigan, received ILTA’s 2015-2016 Outstanding Vendor-Contributed Magazine Article award.

If you're attending ILTACON, check out a session based in part on the legal research in this article: Business and Legal Aspects of Mobile, Social, and Emerging Technologies. Moderated by David, the panel will feature Judge Andrew Peck, Ari Kaplan, and Ed McAndrew of Ballard Spahr LLP.

"There is a great demand everywhere in the world for individual mobility. People like the fact they are not on somebody else’s schedule. They can come and go as they please." — William Clay Ford Jr., 2009

Henry Ford’s great-grandson was explaining how his company’s cars could meet the demand for mobility, but what is important about minivans and Mustangs is even more important for corporate technology.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Data If You ‘BYOD’

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, In-house Counsel, Law Firm, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

BYOD-Mobile.pngBring your own device (BYOD) programs give you the flexibility to choose the technology that comes most naturally and can help you be more effective at work. But how can you make sure your personal data is safe from prying eyes if your employer becomes involved in litigation?

The short answer is: You can’t. However, you can increase your odds by managing a work device separate from your personal device.

You can also follow some best practices to potentially minimize the attention your personal data will receive during discovery and review. Before we get to that, let’s talk about some common considerations.

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Mobile Devices in Discovery – Blessing or Curse?

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, In-house Counsel

Lighthouse_e-Discovery.jpgThis post was originally published by Lighthouse Discovery, a Relativity Best in Service Partner. It's a playful take on the challenges that arise from mobile data when it comes to e-discovery, and includes informative best practice recommendations.

Alarm goes off late, one of the kids cannot find their backpack for school, the dogs still need to be fed, and you have a meeting in less than an hour. Good morning chaos! You grab the car keys off the table and manage to get out the door in record time with everyone fed and intact. You are finally on the road when you realize your car is running on empty. You quickly drop off the kids at school and rush to the gas station to fill up just enough so that you are not running on fumes and can make it to your meeting on time. Sitting at the gas station, you reach for your phone to check email and make sure all is still set for the meeting. Where is it? Every pocket searched, work bag rummaged through at least twice, and console checked, but it is nowhere! Then it hits you. It is on the table right where your keys were, at home! As late and as stressed as you already are, you turn back home to get it.

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Why Dunder Mifflin Won’t Get Sales Leads from the Legal Industry

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_paper-is-stupidThe underlying comedy of the NBC show The Office is the ticking time bomb of Dunder Mifflin's business—selling paper. While the character Michael Scott claims that “real business is done on paper” the legal space hasn’t always been in on the joke. That’s changing quickly.

At the beginning of November, Harvard Law School announced plans to digitize its collection of U.S. case law, with the goal being to promote accessibility and encourage collaboration. Storing everything in one database eliminates the need for piles and piles of paper. It also makes searching, sending, and sorting through content a heck of a lot easier.

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A Lawyer and an iPad Walk onto a Plane…

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, Law Firm

Ari-Kaplan_200x200We recently partnered with Ari Kaplan of Ari Kaplan Advisors to understand how law firms are adopting mobile technology within their organizations and hear their predictions for the future. Over two months, Ari spoke with 25 of the most experienced partners in the Am Law 200 and six directors of litigation support at similar-sized firms to get their perspectives.

We were fortunate to have Ari join us for our sixth-annual Relativity Fest to give attendees a sneak peek at the results. The session not only delivered the results of the study, but polled the audience for their take on the questions it poses—confirming suspicions and igniting debates about whether law firms are prepared for a portable future.

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Lawyers and iPads: What Will Law Firms Do Differently in 5 Years Thanks to Going Mobile?

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, Community, Law Firm


There’s no shortage of new mobile apps hitting the scene on a daily basis. Statistics vary, but 2013 estimates pointed to about 20,000 apps being added to Apple’s App Store each month. In 2014, according to adjust, you were looking at 60,000 apps. My iPhone tells me I have 58 apps installed on my own device, and I can confirm at least half of those don’t involve birds and/or anger.

This growth is touching every vertical, and more and more apps for legal are hitting the market—from productivity to research. We’ve made a number of updates to our own mobile app, Relativity Binders, since we released it back in 2013, some based on feedback we’ve received from folks using the app in new, unique ways we didn’t anticipate.

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4 Ways Attorneys Stay Plugged into Critical Cases

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile, Law Firm


e-Discovery is an eye-opening phase of litigation. Though challenging, it’s where you and your team will dig into the details of your case, uncover critical information, and start building your strategy for the courtroom.

As a litigator, it’s critical to maintain constant insight into your case throughout its lifecycle—but unrealistic to perform the review yourself. How do you strike the right balance to stay plugged in, guide decision-making for reviewers, and strategize early without slowing down your day or your team’s workflows?

To start, establish these touchpoints with your litigation support team.

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Relativity 8.2 Updates: Binders

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile

Welcome to Relativity 8.2. Our newest release includes a lot of new features that extend the platform and help you tackle tough workflow challenges. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight these features right here on the blog. Check back often to learn more about what’s new in Relativity 8.2. If you’ve downloaded the most recent version of Relativity Binders, you may have noticed that we’ve made quite a few improvements to our mobile app. Check out a few of the new things you can do:

Optimize reading, navigation, and searching. We’ve improved user experience and everyday interactions within Binders, making it easier for you to quickly find the documents you need. For example, you can now sort documents by title, date, and file type, and conduct quick and easy searches across documents within binders.

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Real-world Uses for Relativity Binders

2017-07-27+0000| | Mobile

Version 1.3 of Relativity Binders—the latest release of our free iPad® app for accessing documents and performing case-related prep on the go—hit the App Store on November 20. The update adds several navigation improvements suggested by users in the field.

We’ve enjoyed hearing feedback from Binders users that are putting the app to work. Their stories are exciting, so we wanted to share a few real-world use cases of how Binders can support e-discovery workflows on the road.

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