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Two Words Every e-Discovery Professional Should Know

2017-03-28+0000| | Review & Production, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_event-handler.pngTechnology is, of course, a big component of e-discovery, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who works in this industry is a tech genius. Most lawyers and litigation support professionals don’t know (or care) about JavaScript or the nitty gritty of how their smartphone ticks. Using technology shouldn’t require expertise under the hood.

Technophile or technophobe, every attorney and review manager who wants to do e-discovery faster should know these two words: event handlers.

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What 85 Percent of App Users Want—and e-Discovery Pros Need

2017-03-28+0000| | Mobile, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_what-85-percent-app-users-want.png.pngIn a recent study about mobile use in the legal industry conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors, a sample of 25 law firm partners all said it’s essential they have mobile access to their work. When asked how frequently they use mobile in their jobs, all 25 partners said “every day” with one partner clarifying: “It’s probably every minute. I’m constantly on something.”

Every minute sounds pretty intense, but maybe not so when you consider how often your mobile device is likely with you. If you’re constantly using it for work purposes, your mobile experiences need to be fast and reliable. This is what we, as mobile consumers and busy professionals, have rightfully come to expect.

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Business Intelligence: Tracking Metrics Across Projects

2017-03-28+0000| | Review & Production, Law Firm, Litigation Support

Advanced Discovery_Presentation.pngThis blog post is a thorough introduction to the ways high-level metrics from your e-discovery projects, when viewed holistically, can help influence a smarter e-discovery strategy for your business. It was originally published on the Advanced Discovery blog as part of their recent series on business intelligence.

In the first part of this short blog series, we began by reviewing core business intelligence concepts and how they can apply during an individual e-discovery project. Here, we review how they apply across individual e-discovery projects as part of effective e-discovery program management.

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4 Must-have Skills to Be Successful in e-Discovery Litigation Support

2017-03-28+0000| | Education & Certification, Litigation Support

blog_4-must-have-skills.pngOriginally published in February 2016, this post earns continuous attention and feedback from readers. Take another look as you perfect your career development goals for 2017.

e-Discovery has always appealed to me because it’s a very neutral practice of law—the data is the data, and you try to identify what needs to be produced or reviewed in the most efficient manner. However, building a successful career in e-discovery (or in any industry, for that matter) isn’t quite as clear cut.

Succeeding in litigation support takes skills that aren’t always easy to define—they depend on the projects you’re working on, the people you’re working with, and the tools your organization uses.

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5 e-Discovery Attitudes to Get You Through ‘til Spring

2017-03-28+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Education & Certification, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_5-ediscovery-attitudes-to-get-you-through-spring.pngWhether you’re knee-deep in snow or wishing you were, suffering from an acute lack of vitamin D, or just waiting for the flowers to start blooming again, we’ve all experienced it: the winter rut. There’s nothing quite like dreary weather and flight delays to get you itching for a nice dose of spring.

In fact, it’s well known that productivity at work tends to fall during the winter months. Cabin fever, failed resolutions, and chilly conditions can and do have a negative impact on job performance. But if you stay positive and adopt the right mindset, you’ll do just fine as you await the sunny company of the daisies in your window box.

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How to Evangelize Analytics on Your e-Discovery Team

2017-03-28+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_how-to-evangelize-analytics.pngImagine you’re in a crowded stadium, sharing an enclosed box with a small group of people. The box has big windows, showing you the game down on the field—as well as thousands of cheering fans rooting for the winning home team.

Now imagine everyone in the box with you is either cheering for the opposing team or completely indifferent to the game’s outcome. This is what it’s like to be your team’s sole evangelist for analytics technology in today’s e-discovery landscape.

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TAR Around the World: Next Stop, Australia

2017-03-28+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Legal Update, International, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_UK-approves-TAR-sansgavel-1.pngThere is little doubt that technology-assisted review (TAR) has made itself known throughout the world. With case law in the United States and Europe marking its defensibility, and headlines plastering industry media sources on a still-regular basis, there’s simply no way to avoid it. TAR is here to stay.

What’s more encouraging than continued success in these established regions, though, is the technology’s emerging success in other parts of the world. In the last few months, Australia has added its name to the roster of TAR-friendly nations. This week, a formal Practice Note issued by an Australian federal court further validates the technology’s use by case teams who are seeking smarter ways to tackle massive data sets.

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3 Best Practices for e-Discovery Custodian Interviews

2017-03-28+0000| | Review & Production, ECA & Investigation, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

D4-logo-with-tag-300x92.pngThis article was originally published on D4's Discover More blog. We enjoyed their close examination of how to best conduct critical custodian interviews, which, when done well, can help ensure smoother e-discovery.

With all the advanced technologies available to us, a good client interview still provides the single biggest advantage in saving money and managing the risks of e-discovery. Besides getting a good idea about the facts of your case and the value of potential witnesses, a good client interview helps to achieve a cost-effective review and a proportionate discovery response.

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5 Ways Runners and Production Managers Just Get Each Other

2017-03-28+0000| | Review & Production, Litigation Support

blog_5-ways-runners-and-production-managers-just-get-each-other.pngThere are a lot of similarities between physical fitness and e-discovery expertise that can help you embrace the love of running as well as excel at your job. We’ve covered the subject of athletics and e-discovery before—including analogies on running a marathon, tackling an obstacle course, and partaking in the great American pastime—so let’s touch on another example: the production that feels like a couch-to-5K adventure. With unseasonably warm weather in Chicago earlier this week and new year’s resolutions on our minds, we’re in the mood for some exercise.

Most of us can agree that succeeding in e-discovery is a feat of athleticism all its own. Today we present a few specific examples, but it all comes down to this: if you don't feel like throwing up after completing a 5K or production, you didn't try hard enough.

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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Evidentiary Media Any Longer

2017-03-28+0000| | Review & Production, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_why-you-cant-afford-to-ignore-evidentiary-media.pngAs we all know, the size of archived data is exploding. What you may not know is that according to Gartner, 80 percent of all data is unstructured, which includes human-generated enterprise content such as presentations and audio and video media—most of which is currently unsearchable.

Audio and video recordings are discoverable in legal and compliance matters, and those recordings may hold key information about a case. Whether it’s a voicemail left by a rogue trader, a call center employee that makes unauthorized guarantees to close a transaction, or a video conference where the key patent in a litigation was discussed on a whiteboard, these types of files can include information that would make or break a case. 

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