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Experience the Modern e-Discovery Story [VIDEO]

2017-07-27+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Relativity Spotlight

051117-connected-experience-fest-video-2.pngCorporate legal teams are bringing more e-discovery expertise in-house—and finding ways to save time and money on processes beyond litigation.

Still, while corporate counsel are getting more savvy, their projects continue to get more complex. Data volumes continue to grow, information moves and lives across borders more often than ever, and the technology behind it all never stops evolving. That means in-house minds often need outside support.

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Underwriting e-Discovery Risk with ECA in the Insurance Industry

2017-07-27+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Law Firm, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Insurance02.pngOriginally published in early 2016, this post highlights some important considerations for professionals in an industry that helps protect our everyday economy. It continues to get attention today, so we're republishing it in case you'd like to take another look.

Property insurance keeps our business and personal lives afloat. The common risks we take to go about our everyday lives—the risk that our home will be burglarized, for example, or that we'll cause a car accident on our way home from work—could be catastrophic if we didn’t have policies in place to protect us from the consequences when those risks come to fruition.

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3 Best Practices for e-Discovery Custodian Interviews

2017-07-27+0000| | Review & Production, ECA & Investigation, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

D4-logo-with-tag-300x92.pngThis article was originally published on D4's Discover More blog. We enjoyed their close examination of how to best conduct critical custodian interviews, which, when done well, can help ensure smoother e-discovery.

With all the advanced technologies available to us, a good client interview still provides the single biggest advantage in saving money and managing the risks of e-discovery. Besides getting a good idea about the facts of your case and the value of potential witnesses, a good client interview helps to achieve a cost-effective review and a proportionate discovery response.

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Case Study: Next-level ECA with Ballard Spahr

2017-07-27+0000| | ECA & Investigation, Community, Law Firm, Relativity Spotlight

blog_ballard-spahr-case-study.pngEditor's Note: This article was originally published by Law Journal Newsletters.

Ballard Spahr is a national firm of more than 500 lawyers in 14 offices. We represent clients in more than 40 areas of litigation, business and finance, intellectual property, real estate, and public finance. Our clients include large public companies, privately held corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the occasional individual.

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Combating Global Corruption: Lessons from the ‘Jason Bournes’ of e-Discovery

2017-07-27+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation

111516-investigations-panel.pngWhen many hear words like “fraud,” “bribery,” and “corruption,” they imagine investigators traveling the globe, searching for clues to solve a corporate scandal, and ultimately putting the bad guy behind bars. But what is it actually like to investigate these crimes?

From the Panama Papers to the FIFA scandal, we’ve seen technology become imperative when investigating corruption across the globe. Here’s what attendees learned from a Relativity Fest panel, moderated by Control Risks principal David Deusner, and featuring Hogan Lovells litigation project manager Jeremy Burdge, as well as Control Risks partner Terry Chopiuk, director Mason Pan, and principal Daniel Rudder.

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Not Your Grandfather’s ECA: Webinar Discusses Changing Times

2017-07-27+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Law Firm

092816-ECA-Webinar-Recap.pngIt’s been a while since I did a webinar expressly focusing on ECA. I must say, I’d taken far too long of a hiatus. 

Fortunately, I got right back on the horse, and earlier this month I had the pleasure of moderating a webinar entitled: “Thinking Outside the (Black) Box with Early Case Assessment.” It featured a panel of stellar practitioners, including Alison Grounds (managing director) and Chris Haley (director of legal technology) at Troutman Sanders eMerge, as well as Rene Laurens (senior Relativity solutions specialist) from kCura.

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Do You Know These Crucial Ways to Combat Insider Data Threats?

2017-07-27+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

091516-Insider-Threats.pngIt might be difficult to count the number of eyes that see your company’s most sensitive and critical information on a daily basis. Often, having insight into that data is a necessary part of your employees’ day-to-day work. The thought is unsettling, but there is a real threat that people inside your organization might ultimately bring this knowledge with them to their next roles in competing organizations. So if you’re not sure whether employees may be abusing their access to cruicial company data, now is the time to get on top of it.

Fortunately, regular data analysis can help you identify leaks and prevent their consequences from coming to fruition. Here’s how your legal and compliance teams can get ahead of the risk.

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How to Simplify 3 Common Types of e-Discovery

2017-07-27+0000| | Collection, Review & Production, Analytics & Assisted Review, ECA & Investigation, Litigation Support

blog_simplify-your-next-eDiscovery-project.pngData formats often vary between types of disputes and investigations, and they will always change e-discovery protocols. Certain industries—such as insurance or pharmaceuticals—are more frequently subject to their own unique flavors of litigation. There are also investigations—internal and governmental—to take into account.

In today’s corporate landscape, data diversity means no two cases are the same. However, some reasonable predictions can be made based on the type of action or company at play—especially when it comes to the use of analytics—to support faster case strategizing. Ahead of your next e-discovery project, consider these best practices to help you better support your client and case team’s unique circumstances.

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Strong Arms: Investigations in Litigation from the UFC to a Family Feud

2017-07-27+0000| | Legal Update, In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Law Firm

Investigations_-_Blog_-_7-14-16-10.pngWhat do the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a family feud over a timber company, and a Maine restaurant server have in common?

Admittedly, not much—except that they illustrate why investigations are a critical component of legal matters. Whether you’re in a corporate legal department, law firm, or government agency, if things go off the rails during initial investigations, it can often come back to wreak havoc later—sometimes in subsequent litigation.

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What Does It Take to Be an Information-age Fact Finder?

2017-07-27+0000| | Review & Production, Analytics & Assisted Review, ECA & Investigation, Litigation Support

Feature_Image_Relativity_9.4_Blog_-_7-12-16.png“A lawyer’s fundamental product is information. Understanding the client’s position, how that relates to the law, what risks are involved—all of it comes down to finding the facts. Today, we need to find those facts amid a wealth of electronically stored information. There’s a lot of it out there, and we, as information-age lawyers, need to be very good at tracking down the right ESI quickly.” – Bennett Borden, chief data scientist at Drinker Biddle & Reath

It’s hard to argue with Bennett’s point, appearing originally in an interview we did with him back in June 2015. As data continues to grow in size and complexity, the role for attorneys and legal professionals everywhere is evolving—and they need the skills and tools to keep up.

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