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A Review Manager's Guide to Convincing an e-Discovery Skeptic

2017-07-21+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Litigation Support

Review Manager's Guide to Convincing an e-Discovery SkepticOne of the many takeaways from last November’s US presidential election is that the mechanics of e-discovery aren’t particularly well-known.

Case in point: a tweet from former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, posted days before the American public voted amid what one might call a second-pass review of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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Enfuse 2017: Handling Data Breaches and EnCase Joins the Relativity Community

2017-07-21+0000| | Collection, Community, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Enfuse 2017: Handling Data Breaches and EnCase Joins the Relativity CommunityThe Enfuse Conference, Guidance Software’s annual digital investigations event held last week in Las Vegas, featured the usual mix of legal, law enforcement, and computer forensics professionals.

However, the conference, known formerly as the Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference, had a slightly different look this year. For instance, the hashtag #eDiscovery was the number one hashtag used on social media throughout the conference. (#DigitalForensics was second most popular, and #DataBreach was fourth.)

Why the importance of #eDiscovery?

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11 Tips for Securing Data in the Virtual Workplace

2017-07-21+0000| | Cybersecurity & Data Privacy


This article was originally published on the FRONTEO blog. It's a good collection of practical tips for keeping company data secure, so we wanted to share it here, as well.

Today’s highly mobile workforce requires easy access to data while traveling and working remotely. Providing that ease of access and supporting productivity while keeping data secure presents a balancing act for IT.

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5 Big Data Devices to Avoid If You're a Criminal

2017-07-21+0000| | Community, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

052617-data-devices-to-avoid.pngIt’s a smart phone, a smart watch, a smart car, and even a smart oven. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT) and, unless you live under a rock, it’s taking over your life. (Even if you do live under a rock, Google Earth has probably captured a photo of you coming and going to forage for food.)

IoT is contributing significantly to big data—and often, that data is coming into the spotlight in the unending search for justice. Civilly, this means suits are settled or litigated with the benefit of emails, structured data, and social media evidence that can verify timelines and prove intent.

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Pharma's eCTD Problems Have e-Discovery Solutions

2017-07-21+0000| | In-house Counsel, Law Firm

Tackling the eCTD with e-Discovery Know-how

The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to big data or big innovation. Earlier this month, a new requirement from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formalized the digitization of the process by which companies submit new drug and medical device applications.

To learn more about the “electronic common technical document” standard (eCTD), the processes behind it, and how e-discovery know-how can simplify its completion, we sat down with Michael Sarlo, vice president of e-discovery and digital forensics at HAYSTACKID. Here’s what we learned.

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Legal Operations Takeover: CLOC Institute 2017

2017-07-21+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community

ReplyAll CLOC ConversationOriginally published as a live, developing conversation on Above the Law, this interview between ReplyAll co-founder Zach Abramowitz and several legal professionals discusses major takeaways from this month's CLOC Institute.

This month, legal professionals, consultants, and tech companies from across the country converged in Las Vegas for what seems to have become one of the most important events of the year in the legal industry: the CLOC Institute.

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Dispelling the Myths that Prevent Legal Innovation in Hong Kong

2017-07-21+0000| | In-house Counsel, International, Law Firm, Litigation Support

051917-hong-kong-innovation.pngThis article originally appeared in Legal IT Insider.

What is it like to litigate in Hong Kong?

At the recent Global Pound Conference in Hong Kong, attendees were asked about how to improve the dispute resolution process for all parties. Data generated from a live, technology-enabled poll of the audience led to a thought-provoking discussion on the priorities and limitations to innovating the dispute resolution process—specifically in Hong Kong.

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For Job-Seeking Law School Students, Technology Is the Answer

2017-07-21+0000| | Community, Education & Certification, Law Firm

051717-technology-for-law-students.pngThis article originally appeared in Law Technology Today.

Which word doesn’t belong: data, analytics, lawyer, or software?

There’s no right answer, because technology is bringing sweeping changes to the legal profession.

According to a Robert Half survey, eight in 10 corporate lawyers said their collaboration with IT specialists has increased during the past two years. And law firms increasingly find they must hire attorneys who are already well versed in the tools of the trade to satisfy the demands of these corporate legal clients.

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e-Discovery Sanctions Update: The Lawyer’s Computer, The Iron Rooster, and Rule 37(e)

2017-07-21+0000| | Legal Update, In-house Counsel, Law Firm

051517-new-case-law-3.pngTwo technological events bring fear and loathing to many of us: trying to trade in a defective mobile phone, and walking up to our personal computer and finding it’s fried—in the words of Dickens, dead as a doornail.

In a significant week for e-discovery case law, we’ve had two decisions over the past few days where these hassles have landed litigants—including an attorney—in the hot water of e-discovery sanctions proceedings.

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Experience the Modern e-Discovery Story [VIDEO]

2017-07-21+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Relativity Spotlight

051117-connected-experience-fest-video-2.pngCorporate legal teams are bringing more e-discovery expertise in-house—and finding ways to save time and money on processes beyond litigation.

Still, while corporate counsel are getting more savvy, their projects continue to get more complex. Data volumes continue to grow, information moves and lives across borders more often than ever, and the technology behind it all never stops evolving. That means in-house minds often need outside support.

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