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Sam Bock is a member of the marketing communications team at kCura, and serves as editor of The Relativity Blog.

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8 of Our Favorite Songs on the Soundtrack of e-Discovery

2017-04-25+0000| | Community

041317-ediscovery-soundtrack-feature-image.pngEvery professional has had a day (or two) of monotony, and there’s nothing quite as monotonous a long day spent reviewing custodian data: reading document after document, making the same privilege calls over and over, or QCing hundreds of images for proper redactions can feel like awfully slow work sometimes.

But we know that the people in e-discovery are both passionate and creative, and they know how to have a good time.

So, after bringing you a list of reading recommendations and documentaries for the e-discovery enthusiast, we thought we’d help you spice up your next review project with a killer playlist. Here are some of the tunes that speak to our team—and others in the Relativity community—as they continue to improve their work in this field.

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98 Percent of Employees Say Their Privacy Is Important to Them—But Is It? [Infographic]

2017-04-25+0000| | In-house Counsel, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

041217-harris-poll-survey-feature-image.pngBetween Wikileaks, tech experts, and the Federal Trade Commission, we have no shortage of sources reminding us on an almost daily basis that the Information Age brings both invaluable new resources and technology, and a significant threat to personal privacy. Data is everywhere, and it’s accessible by more entities than ever—including employers.

To get to the heart of how employees understand data privacy and how their online behavior at work can impact it, kCura recently commissioned a survey conducted by Harris Poll among 1,013 US adults age 18 and older who were employed full-time or part-time, working in a traditional office setting for at least 50 percent of the time, and are not freelancers (referred to as “employees” throughout).

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5 Online Tools to Help You Build Better Searches

2017-04-25+0000| | Review & Production, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_5-online-tools-to-help-you-build-better-searches.pngSearching has been at the crux of e-discovery since the inception of modern platforms for digital data review. Before analytics, searching options like Boolean strings and dtSearch were the only ways to parse through large volumes of information and get to the important stuff fast—and now that analytics options are here, these tactics are still an important step in many e-discovery workflows.

Unfortunately, heinous searches have also been at the crux of e-discovery since its earliest days. Many folks from the industry have shared horror stories about overly complex or inclusive searches that turned project timelines upside-down.

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4 Qualities Modern Corporations Need in Their Legal Teams

2017-04-25+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Education & Certification

blog_4-modern-qualities-corps-need-legal.pngThere is plenty to be said about how the litigation attorney’s day-to-day has evolved with the advent of big data, increased litigation, and high-tech e-discovery. Undoubtedly, in-house legal teams have undergone the same evolution—so how has this changed what the modern corporation needs from its legal department?

In short, a highly effective in-house team requires more than just legal prowess. What other qualities are key in producing value for their companies?

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5 e-Discovery Attitudes to Get You Through ‘til Spring

2017-04-25+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Education & Certification, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_5-ediscovery-attitudes-to-get-you-through-spring.pngWhether you’re knee-deep in snow or wishing you were, suffering from an acute lack of vitamin D, or just waiting for the flowers to start blooming again, we’ve all experienced it: the winter rut. There’s nothing quite like dreary weather and flight delays to get you itching for a nice dose of spring.

In fact, it’s well known that productivity at work tends to fall during the winter months. Cabin fever, failed resolutions, and chilly conditions can and do have a negative impact on job performance. But if you stay positive and adopt the right mindset, you’ll do just fine as you await the sunny company of the daisies in your window box.

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How to Evangelize Analytics on Your e-Discovery Team

2017-04-25+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_how-to-evangelize-analytics.pngImagine you’re in a crowded stadium, sharing an enclosed box with a small group of people. The box has big windows, showing you the game down on the field—as well as thousands of cheering fans rooting for the winning home team.

Now imagine everyone in the box with you is either cheering for the opposing team or completely indifferent to the game’s outcome. This is what it’s like to be your team’s sole evangelist for analytics technology in today’s e-discovery landscape.

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TAR Around the World: Next Stop, Australia

2017-04-25+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Legal Update, International, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_UK-approves-TAR-sansgavel-1.pngThere is little doubt that technology-assisted review (TAR) has made itself known throughout the world. With case law in the United States and Europe marking its defensibility, and headlines plastering industry media sources on a still-regular basis, there’s simply no way to avoid it. TAR is here to stay.

What’s more encouraging than continued success in these established regions, though, is the technology’s emerging success in other parts of the world. In the last few months, Australia has added its name to the roster of TAR-friendly nations. This week, a formal Practice Note issued by an Australian federal court further validates the technology’s use by case teams who are seeking smarter ways to tackle massive data sets.

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e-Discovery in the Brexit Era: What Happens Now?

2017-04-25+0000| | In-house Counsel, International, Law Firm

120116-brexit.png“How horrifying to wake up that morning and find we planned to eject ourselves from the EU.” – Chris Dale, the eDisclosure Information Project

At Relativity Fest and on his own blog, Chris Dale has made no secret of his surprise at the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union this past summer. The decision will undoubtedly have lasting effects on the politics of Europe, the legalities of international business, and the nature of cross-border e-discovery.

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How Today’s Legal Community is Navigating an Adversarial Court System

2017-04-25+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Law Firm

102116-adversarial-system.pngThe United States’ adversarial court system—in which two representatives advocate for their clients’ positions before a judge or jury—places the responsibility of proving or disproving a case on the parties involved. There are strengths to this system—namely, it creates strong advocates and an open forum for anyone to voice and address their concerns. But it’s not always the most enjoyable way to conduct a legal inquiry, is it?

Given the way opposing counsel are pitted against each other to duke out the logic (or lack thereof) in one another’s positions, an adversarial setup can sometimes look like a modern trial by combat—one in which the violence is reduced to verbal weaponry.

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Throwback: An Attorney’s View on the Unconditional Practicality of Email Threading

2017-04-25+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, In-house Counsel, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_em-threadingOriginally published in October 2015, this was among the most-viewed posts following Relativity Fest that year—which goes to show that analytics has been top-of-mind for e-discovery teams for quite a while. Cristin's insights still resonate, so we thought we'd share them again in light of the new email threading innovations coming to Relativity in 2016.

The best way to tackle data is to take an organized approach. Analytics features such as email threading help case teams get the most out of their case data by using metadata to automatically organize documents, streamlining review from the start.

Today’s General Counsel recently featured an article entitled “Threading is the New Global De-duplication” from Cristin Traylor, counsel at McGuireWoods, on just that subject. To get more insight into how and why text analytics has become part and parcel of her team’s approach to e-discovery, we sat down with Cristin.

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