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Mimi Singh - Evolver

Mimi Singh is the Associate General Counsel and Director of eDiscovery for Evolver. She provides full-service e-discovery lifecycle consulting and project management relating to identifying, preserving, processing, reviewing, and producing in an efficient and cost-effective manner. She also consults with clients on a more automated method for reviewing, redacting, and producing native excel files with Evolver’s XLerator Excel redaction software. And she doesn’t usually complain this much … especially when she’s able to use high-tech tools like XLerator.

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5 Spreadsheet Redactions Headaches and How to Relieve Them

2017-07-27+0000| | Review & Production, Law Firm, Litigation Support

blog_spreadsheet-redaction-headaches.pngThere is no denying that creating and quality checking redactions on images of Microsoft Excel files during e-discovery makes us all run for a bottle of over-the-counter analgesic relief. The struggle is real whether you’re a project manager, litigator, opposing party, or the reviewer.

The trouble comes down to this unavoidable fact: all the functionality and dynamism of Excel files is reduced by static imaging in preparation for your production, which is preceded by endless hours of redactions involving manual clicking and painstaking lining up of rows and columns that stretch across dozens, if not hundreds, of images.

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