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Matthew F. Knouff - CDS

Matthew F. Knouff is e-discovery counsel with Complete Discovery Source, Inc. Matthew advises law firms, corporations, and government agencies worldwide on e-discovery and information governance policies and processes, data privacy and security policies and practices, defensible deployment of technology during legal proceedings, and cost and risk reduction strategies.

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End-to-end e-Discovery: 6 Trends CDS Has Seen in the Real World

2017-08-18+0000| | Collection, Review & Production, Community, Litigation Support

6 e-discovery trendsAt Relativity Fest 2015, I joined Andrew Sieja, kCura’s president and CEO, on stage for his keynote. We discussed dealing with increasingly large e-discovery projects using three case studies as examples. 

While sharing stats about the data we’ve processed and put into review, it was clear that describing our challenges and solutions resonated with the audience.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about the bigger picture. As I pointed out on stage, we at CDS have ingested more than 90 TBs and 220 million documents into Relativity Processing in the last year alone. That same year we became the first Relativity Premium Hosting Partner to license the full Relativity platform end to end. But as e-discovery counsel, I spend a significant amount of my time evangelizing about data management and the digital age of law. Our story is not just about size, speed, and scalability; it is about our evolution of using tools to find and implement solutions to modern legal challenges. Going end to end has enhanced how we serve our clients in six key ways.

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