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Where Everybody Knows Your Name: 6 Networking Groups for In-House Counsel

2017-05-26+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Education & Certification

041817-In-house-Atty-Networking-Groups.pngIn-house counsel is required to foresee possible disasters, provide guidance when the worst-case scenario occurs, and translate legal situations and implications for executives. On top of these responsibilities, in-house counsel is now expected to learn new technology and help manage their organization’s data. It’s a lot. 

With this unique set of challenges, it’s important to connect with others who are in the same boat. 

While there are countless legal professional organizations to connect lawyers with one another, there are limited options for seeking advice and knowledge from other in-house counsel. We’ve compiled a few networking groups and opportunities specifically for you. Each offering differs, so take a look to find out which groups are best for your needs.

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4 Top-of-Mind Topics for UK e-Disclosure Experts

2017-05-26+0000| | International, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

041117-Top-of-Mind-Topics-in-UK.pngThe e-disclosure field is not for those adverse to change and uncertainty. It’s always been fast paced, but practitioners—especially those in the UK—are now facing a triad of changes in data privacy regulations, technology, and politics. While these types of changes are far from new to these professionals, there are higher stakes and more uncertainty with Brexit and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

Ahead of Relativity Fest London, here are four topics on the minds of UK e-disclosure experts in our community as they keep up with this evolving landscape, as well as a few tips on how you can learn more about each subject. 

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4 Videos to Sum Up the Most Memorable e-Discovery Lessons from 2016

2017-05-26+0000| | Community

blog_4-most-memorable-edisc-lessons-2016.pngOur industry’s greatest lessons come from the experience and interaction of folks on the ground—those who execute on e-discovery every day. The slew of top-notch conferences we enjoy each year, such as Legaltech, ILTACON, and Relativity Fest, are the best places to share these lessons. As we begin planning for Relativity Fest 2017, taking place October 22 – 25 in Chicago, we can’t help but reflect on last year’s presentations and share a few of the most memorable ones. 

Here are four lessons that carry through 2017.

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Strength in Numbers: Community’s Role in e-Discovery

2017-05-26+0000| | Community

blog_strength-in-numbers-community.pngThe theory has been hypothesized in poetry and proven through science: no man is an island. Not only are social connections as important for humans as food and water, but psychologists have found that social interaction can improve learning as well as effective leadership. It’s only natural that we build relationships and look to others to learn, grow, and solve problems.

Since this is how our brains are wired, community plays a critical role in every part of our lives, including our careers. With constant changes to the law, technology, and the way we conduct business, e-discovery is no exception. As we work toward our common goal to discover the truth, we seek out others to not only resolve disputes, but to learn and find more efficient ways to do our jobs.

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8 Sessions to Top Your Legaltech 2017 Agenda

2017-05-26+0000| | Community, Education & Certification

blog_LTNY17-sessions.pngIt’s a time of year that legal professionals know all too well: the holiday lull has come to an end and you’re trading a plate of cookies in for a full plate of cases. It’s a new year and you’re embarking on new adventures to fulfill your resolutions. And, of course, Legaltech New York is approaching quickly.

Because your to-do list is full, we’ve compiled for you a list of what we think will be some of the best sessions of Legaltech 2017. With a range of topics to be covered, we hope these recommendations will spark some ideas for your agenda.

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Combating Global Corruption: Lessons from the ‘Jason Bournes’ of e-Discovery

2017-05-26+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation

111516-investigations-panel.pngWhen many hear words like “fraud,” “bribery,” and “corruption,” they imagine investigators traveling the globe, searching for clues to solve a corporate scandal, and ultimately putting the bad guy behind bars. But what is it actually like to investigate these crimes?

From the Panama Papers to the FIFA scandal, we’ve seen technology become imperative when investigating corruption across the globe. Here’s what attendees learned from a Relativity Fest panel, moderated by Control Risks principal David Deusner, and featuring Hogan Lovells litigation project manager Jeremy Burdge, as well as Control Risks partner Terry Chopiuk, director Mason Pan, and principal Daniel Rudder.

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Throwback: Jeff Salling’s Business Development Ideas for Relativity Fest-goers

2017-05-26+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Law Firm

QandA_orange-and-blue.pngWe recently announced that Daniel Pink, presenter of one of the top ten most popular TED Talks, will speak at Relativity Fest this October. Inspired by Daniel's work on the social side of business, we wanted to take another look at Jeff Salling's tips for making the most of your conversations at the show.

Finding a forum where an industry community can share ideas, ask questions, and discuss trends is invaluable. Every year, the kCura team strives to make tangible, actionable lessons the fuel for Relativity Fest because these lessons make a real difference in case teams’ effectiveness back in the office.

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Relativity Fest by the Numbers

2017-05-26+0000| | Community

blog_fest-graph.pngWe generally don’t use the blog to outright brag about our community, but we wanted to take a post to celebrate how they came together at last year’s Relativity Fest to share knowledge, make new connections, and have some fun.

Relativity Fest 2016 will be here before you know it. If you missed the conference last year—or are just feeling a little nostalgic—take a look at a statistical recap of Relativity Fest 2015.

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Do You Love Your Job as Much as These e-Discovery Pros?

2017-05-26+0000| | Community

blog_a-match-made-in-review.pngWith love in the air, we can’t help getting a little sappy about our true love: e-discovery. From the excitement of innovation to the liveliness of the community, e-discovery is the wind beneath our wings. We know you understand this love affair, but in an industry where it can be tricky to explain what you do every day, your valentine might not understand why you’re so passionate about e-discovery—even though there are plenty of us out there who do.

While you were busy preparing for Valentine’s Day with that special someone—buying flowers and heart-shaped chocolates, planning a romantic dinner, or contemplating your Netflix and takeout options—we asked a few friends from the community why they love working in e-discovery.

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From the Horse’s Mouth: First-hand Perspectives on Collaborating in e-Discovery

2017-05-26+0000| | In-house Counsel, International, Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

fest_feature-img_day_2_recapRelativity Fest is all about connecting with other professionals to exchange ideas. To add to the collaboration, we brought in 55 external speakers to share their ideas and industry expertise.

Yesterday’s sessions were filled with lessons and advice on collaborating to reach the best outcome for your organization. With popular topics including international e-discovery, cybersecurity, and the legal media, there were many discussions on how to join forces to reach your goals.

Here are some lessons from day two of Relativity Fest.

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