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Charlie Platt - iDiscovery Solutions

Charlie Platt is a Sr. Managing Consultant with iDiscovery Solutions. Mr. Platt has over 25 years of experience consulting with corporations and clients on analytics, digital forensics, cyber¬security and incident response, and e-discovery.

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IoT Data: Objective, Consistent, and Pervasive

2017-08-18+0000| | In-house Counsel, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

IoT Data: Objective, Consistent, and PervasiveThis article originally appeared in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.

Your phone records who you call and text, what websites you visit, and when you are active or asleep. Your fitness tracker records your heart rate and pace. Your GPS records your location, direction, and speed. All of this is Internet of Things (IoT) data and has three critical characteristics:

It’s objective, it’s consistent, and it’s pervasive.

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