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11 Students to Bring an Academic Perspective to Relativity Fest

2016-09-27+0000| | Community, Education & Certification

092316-Fest-Scholarships.pngWe’re about to get schooled.

The Relativity Academic Partner Program awarded 11 lucky (and hard-working) law and paralegal students with scholarships to Relativity Fest, the annual conference designed to educate and connect the e-discovery community. The recipients, representing eight schools across the United States, will join us in Chicago October 9-11 with a VIP pass to all the hands-on workshops, industry networking, and notable speakers they can handle.

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Hollywood, New Orleans, and a Gumbo of e-Discovery Bad Behavior

2016-09-27+0000| | Legal Update, Law Firm

092216-Case-Law.pngHollywood and New Orleans have a long history together. From Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire to Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy to Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire to Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington in The Pelican Brief, New Orleans has been the scene of many memorable movies.

But not all of Hollywood’s adventures in New Orleans have gone so well.

With a complex plot and participants who could come straight out of Central Casting, the story of a film producer’s tax credit for renovating a crumbling pre-Civil War mansion on the edge of the French Quarter into a film production studio has triggered civil litigation and criminal prosecutions.

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3 Tips to Negotiating TAR Protocols in e-Discovery

2016-09-27+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, In-house Counsel, Law Firm

092016-Negotiating-TAR-Protocols.pngRarely does anything come easily in e-discovery, and negotiating a protocol regarding the use of technology-assisted review (TAR) with a litigation adversary is no exception. There are any number of tricks and traps associated with TAR protocols of which counsel and clients should be aware. Of particular importance is whether the litigation at issue even merits the use of TAR, let alone a stipulated use protocol with opposing counsel.

If TAR is a suitable methodology in discovery, counsel must then decide (among other things) whether to enter into a use agreement with an adversary. There are three key issues that should first be explored. How these issues play out could very well determine the success of the TAR protocol.

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Legal Education Matches Made in Heaven

2016-09-27+0000| | In-house Counsel, Community, Education & Certification, Law Firm

091616-Legal-Education-Matches-Made-in-Heaven.pngRemember the stress of choosing a major in college? The pressure of making a decision that will steer the rest of your life? Some students are unicorns who arrive on campus knowing exactly which major is for them. For the rest of us, it’s equal parts exploration, trial, and terror . . . er, error.

According to the Law School Admission Council, some of the most common majors of law school applicants for the 2015-16 year were political science, criminal justice, psychology, and English. As if the traditional options weren’t enough, today’s students have an onslaught of emerging majors to choose from, like unmanned aircraft system operations and social media.

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Do You Know These Crucial Ways to Combat Insider Data Threats?

2016-09-27+0000| | In-house Counsel, ECA & Investigation, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

091516-Insider-Threats.pngIt might be difficult to count the number of eyes that see your company’s most sensitive and critical information on a daily basis. Often, having insight into that data is a necessary part of your employees’ day-to-day work. The thought is unsettling, but there is a real threat that people inside your organization might ultimately bring this knowledge with them to their next roles in competing organizations. So if you’re not sure whether employees may be abusing their access to cruicial company data, now is the time to get on top of it.

Fortunately, regular data analysis can help you identify leaks and prevent their consequences from coming to fruition. Here’s how your legal and compliance teams can get ahead of the risk.

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4 TAR Conversations and How to Prepare for Them

2016-09-27+0000| | Analytics & Assisted Review, Law Firm, Litigation Support

091316-TAR-Conversations.pngEvery day, we create massive amounts of data—around 2.5 quintillion bytes by some estimates. Not surprisingly, this influx of data has reshaped the litigation discovery landscape. During e-discovery, it has become virtually impossible to sift through all of this data without using analytics tools such as technology-assisted review (TAR). Yet, some clients are still hesitant to adopt new workflows. How can you best prepare for a TAR conversation with such a client?

It is important to start with some fact-finding. First, you must discern what is really most important to them. For example, is saving time more important than how much the production will cost? Clarifying priorities up front will help you formulate the best answers to overcome possible objections.

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4 Thoughts from the e-Discovery Community to Inspire You

2016-09-27+0000| | Community

090916-what-does-ediscovery-mean-to-you.pngOur favorite e-discovery event of the year—Relativity Fest—is coming up October 9-11 in Chicago. Finalizing the content and welcoming new registrants is giving us warm, fuzzy feelings about this industry. e-Discovery is fueled by smart professionals who are eager to keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace and evolving technology, and it’s come a long way since the first Relativity Fest took place back in 2010.

To get some perspective on what this work means to some of its evangelists, we reached out to the Relativity community to get their thoughts. Here’s what we heard.


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Ask a Federal Judge: The Tradition Continues with a New Twist

2016-09-27+0000| | Community

090816-Ask-A-Judge-7.pngFor the third year in a row, a distinguished group of federal judges will be at Relativity Fest for our annual Judicial Panel—and for 2016, we’ve added a new feature that could make an attendee part of the program next month in Chicago.

US District Judge Nora Barry Fischer (W.D. Pa.), US Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck (S.D.N.Y.), US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez (W.D. Tex.), and US Magistrate Judge David Waxse all return to share their perspectives, and I’ll have the honor of moderating the discussion. The group remains the same, but an Ask the Judges contest, in which contestants submitted questions in advance for a chance to become part of the session, adds a new twist.

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Processing 101 for Attorneys (and Anyone Else Who’s Curious)

2016-09-27+0000| | Processing, Law Firm

blog_processing-101Editor's Note: With summer unofficially over and a new school year starting, it's a great time for a refresher course in key e-discovery concepts. Originally published in August 2015, this top 10 most-viewed post offers a close look at key concepts behind processing—a technical but critical aspect of any e-discovery project.

When client data begins to arrive, processing is necessary to convert the native files into searchable information, ensure the integrity of your data, and prepare it for review. While you will likely spend most of your time in review and might not be as involved during processing, it can be helpful to understand what happens during this phase—especially if you’re getting regular updates from your case team and want to put some context around the steps they’re taking to make your data visible.

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The Best of ILTACON 2016: Our Favorite Quotes from the Speakers

2016-09-27+0000| | Community, Law Firm, Litigation Support

090216-ILTACON-Favorite-Quotes.pngWe’ve spent the week at the International Legal Technology Association’s ILTACON 2016. With about 200 educational sessions and approximately 1,500 attendees, the conference provided some excellent quotes about the state of legal technology in 2016.

As we did for Legaltech 2016, we’d like to bring you some memorable moments from the ILTACON 2016 sessions we presented or covered in another edition of Our Favorite Quotes from the Speakers.  

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