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3 Production Headaches and How to Cure Them

2016-07-28+0000| | Review & Production

Feature_Image_-_Production_Headaches_Blog_-_7-26-16-06_1.pngThe industry calls it a “production” for good reason: getting documents out the door is a production in itself. Throughout the process, there are plenty of variables that can go awry.

Legal teams have voiced their pain points over productions for years—in white papers, in the media, and while commiserating over cocktails at industry events. Our team poured a significant amount of development efforts into Relativity’s production features in the last year, and along the way, we heard a lot from customers about the challenges inherent to the production process. Based on those conversations, here are some common issues and tips for curing them.

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3 Tips for Navigating the World of Foreign Language Data

2016-07-28+0000| | Review & Production, e-Discovery

Feature_Image_-_Foreign_Language_Projects_Blog.pngRarely does a review project shape up exactly the way we predict. Litigation support teams need agility and flexibility to be prepared for everything e-discovery can and will throw their way.

Growing data volumes are an obvious contributor to this reality, but so is today’s international landscape. Globalization means more foreign language documents are finding their way into company data stores, and that results in added complications during e-discovery for both litigation and investigations.

If you’re starting to see that foreign language data is becoming a bigger part of everyday e-discovery, here’s how to get ahead of the complexity.

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Microsoft v. United States and the Privacy Shield: How Did We Get Here?

2016-07-28+0000| | e-Discovery

Feature_Image_-_Privacy_Shield_and_Microsoft_Blog.pngJuly has been a big month for the law of international data transfers, with two long-running legal sagas coming to a conclusion—at least for the moment.

On July 12, the EU and the US announced the adoption of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, and on July 14, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reversed a district court and held in favor of Microsoft in Microsoft v. United States, known commonly as the Microsoft Dublin warrant case.

In examining how these events evolved, the biggest takeaway is that, for now, the US technology industry and the economies of the US and the EU have avoided a potential crisis.

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5 Steps to Train for a Marathon—and the RCA Exam

2016-07-28+0000| | Education

Training_for_RCA_-_Blog_-_7-19-16.pngThe next time you ponder the theory of six degrees of separation, consider this: you’re likely connected to someone who runs.

Up to 45,000 runners register for the Chicago Marathon alone each year. There are plenty of runners here at Team Relativity, and we’ve noticed that preparing for a race is not unlike preparing for the Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) exam. Both require plenty of planning and result in an accomplishment not many people can call their own.

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3 Other Analytics Features to Boost your TAR Project

2016-07-28+0000| | e-Discovery, Analytics & Assisted Review

Boosting_TAR_Blog_-_7-15-16-01.pngIt’s impossible not to catch on to the trend of analytics usage for e-discovery in today’s legal world. Alongside growing data volumes, we continue to see greater acceptance amongst lawyers and the courts, easier-to-use technology, and updated rules having an impact on how many case teams are using analytics to increase efficiency and find the needle in their metaphorical haystacks faster and earlier.  

For many, the question of analytics isn’t “Should I?” It’s “How should I?” Choosing analytics doesn’t have to be a decision about whether to use one analytics feature or none of them. Taking advantage of a combination of analytics tools can narrow down the scope of complex cases—even when it comes to technology-assisted review. In fact, a combined effort is usually a great approach to TAR. Here’s a look at why.

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Strong Arms: Investigations in Litigation from the UFC to a Family Feud

2016-07-28+0000| | Seen in the Field, e-Discovery

Investigations_-_Blog_-_7-14-16-10.pngWhat do the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a family feud over a timber company, and a Maine restaurant server have in common?

Admittedly, not much—except that they illustrate why investigations are a critical component of legal matters. Whether you’re in a corporate legal department, law firm, or government agency, if things go off the rails during initial investigations, it can often come back to wreak havoc later—sometimes in subsequent litigation.

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What Does It Take to Be an Information-age Fact Finder?

2016-07-28+0000| | e-Discovery

Feature_Image_Relativity_9.4_Blog_-_7-12-16.png“A lawyer’s fundamental product is information. Understanding the client’s position, how that relates to the law, what risks are involved—all of it comes down to finding the facts. Today, we need to find those facts amid a wealth of electronically stored information. There’s a lot of it out there, and we, as information-age lawyers, need to be very good at tracking down the right ESI quickly.” – Bennett Borden, chief data scientist at Drinker Biddle & Reath

It’s hard to argue with Bennett’s point, appearing originally in an interview we did with him back in June 2015. As data continues to grow in size and complexity, the role for attorneys and legal professionals everywhere is evolving—and they need the skills and tools to keep up.

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Throwback: Jeff Salling’s Business Development Ideas for Relativity Fest-goers

2016-07-28+0000| | Q&A, Seen in the Field, e-Discovery

QandA_orange-and-blue.pngWe recently announced that Daniel Pink, presenter of one of the top ten most popular TED Talks, will speak at Relativity Fest this October. Inspired by Daniel's work on the social side of business, we wanted to take another look at Jeff Salling's tips for making the most of your conversations at the show.

Finding a forum where an industry community can share ideas, ask questions, and discuss trends is invaluable. Every year, the kCura team strives to make tangible, actionable lessons the fuel for Relativity Fest because these lessons make a real difference in case teams’ effectiveness back in the office.

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A Week in the Life of an Audit Everyman

2016-07-28+0000| | Review & Production, e-Discovery

eDiscovery_Audit_-_Blog_-_7-7-16-01.pngNobody wants to look through user audit logs. No human, on an otherwise enjoyable afternoon, wants to comb through page after page of densely packed, mind-numbing, teeny tiny text in an application’s history in search of what a user did or didn’t do.

But investigations into audit data play an integral role in helping e-discovery teams understand how a case plays out and why. They also help identify red flags, increase efficiency, and provide important lessons for the next project.

What’s it like to be a litigation support pro with the responsibility of monitoring, exploring, and acting on audit data? Here’s a “week in the life” based on conversations we’ve had with many of them.

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5 Streaming Documentaries for e-Discovery Enthusiasts

2016-07-28+0000| | e-Discovery

eDiscovery-Documentaries-Blog-7-6-16.pngHave you ever found yourself engulfed in a particularly complex episode of Law and Order and thought, “If only Prosecutor Jack McCoy had access to some awesome e-discovery workflows, he wouldn’t have missed the secret foreign marriage license between the defendant and his star witness that cost him the case?”

Of course you have. As e-discovery professionals, our antennae are always alert to a great e-discovery lesson, even if it’s on our favorite television show. While the cases on TV seldom reflect litigation realities, some of our favorite documentaries explore real-life cases and offer valuable opportunities to think about e-discovery through a different lens. And they’re all available online, on demand.

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