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5 Tips for More Effective e-Discovery Presentations

2016-04-30+0000| | e-Discovery

how-to-be-an-effective-e-discovery-evangelist.pngLearning from industry peers is a critical way e-discovery practitioners keep their knowledge sharp. Insights that help the community improve its skills, look at legal and tech issues from new angles, and spark ideas to work more creatively and efficiently are in high demand.

As a result, you e-discovery experts and influencers are a busy bunch. You put together a lot of presentations.

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Making a Case for Machine Learning to Legal Departments

2016-04-30+0000| | Assisted Review, Analytics, e-Discovery

making-a-case-for-machine-learning-blog.pngThis article originally appeared on the Fast Forward Labs blog. Check it out here.

e-Discovery software is not used exclusively by law firms or service providers—today’s corporate counsel are facing constant pressure to reduce costs in litigation, especially when faced with numerous discovery requests. This trend is getting more challenging due to exponential data growth and content proliferation. IDC’s Digital Universe study predicts the world's data will amount to 44 zettabytes by 2020, which will have a significant impact on the compliance and e-discovery needs of organizations on a global scale. Corporate legal departments are aware of the trend, but an often-heard challenge is understanding what tools are available to combat this data deluge.

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Deflategate Revisited: Second Circuit Fumbles the Ball on e-Discovery Law

2016-04-30+0000| | Seen in the Field, e-Discovery

Discovering_Deflategate_Football_Graphic-2.pngIn a popular post from about a year ago, we talked about “Discovering Deflategate: What Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and the NFL can Teach Us about e-Discovery.”

Well, Deflategate is the gift that keeps on giving because this week the U.S. Court of Appeals issued its decision in the Deflategate appeal.

Intercepting the District Court

If National Football League (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell is the most despised man in Boston since Benedict Arnold, the U.S. Court of Appeals has now taken on the role of George III of England.

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3 Reasons Attendees are Already Pumped for Relativity Fest

2016-04-30+0000| | Seen in the Field

pumped-for-fest-blog-post.png2016 is well under way, and October is just on the horizon. That means our favorite event of year—Relativity Fest—is coming up fast. The goal of the conference is to offer bigger, better, and more immersive learning opportunities each year for attendees who want to dive deep and gather takeaways that will help their day-to-day work be more effective. 

At last year’s conference, the sixth in its history, we heard judges’ recommendations for e-discovery teams, discussed collaborating across departments and the globe, and got a peek at the latest innovations in Relativity and the ecosystem.

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Industry Events That Don’t Suck

2016-04-30+0000| | Seen in the Field, e-Discovery

Favorite-Conferences.pngA few weeks back, we asked the Twitterverse to share some of their favorite e-discovery conferences and events.

Little did we know, our question would inspire our good friend Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project to go beyond the 140-character limit and dish on what makes an event good, bad, and just plain “crappy” for a speaker.

Chris pointed out that kCura’s events, such as Relativity Fest, aren’t the subject of any of his adverse comments—we were glad, as we strive to organize events that don’t suck.

Of course, Relativity Fest isn’t the only conference to consider attending. Here’s a handful more from your peers.

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3 Legal Tech Takeaways from Richard Susskind’s ‘Future of the Professions’

2016-04-30+0000| | e-Discovery

Book---Future-of-Professions.pngIf you’re like me, the quantity of business books you actually read is a small fraction of all business books you’d like to read. But, when I ran across Richard Susskind's latest book entitled The Future of the Professions: How Technology will Transform the Work of Human Experts, I knew I needed to make an exception and definitely read his tome. I ordered it from Amazon straight away and started digging in. 

Let’s take a look at the key takeaways from this provocative author and his latest endeavor.

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Choice of Law: Why the New e-Discovery Federal Rules May Not Apply to Your Case

2016-04-30+0000| | Seen in the Field, e-Discovery

FRCP-apply-to-you.pngThis article originally appeared in Bloomberg BNA's "Big Law Business" community. Check it out here.

After a laborious multi-year process, the new e-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect on December 1 of last year. As the e-discovery bar braced for big changes, many overlooked an important aspect of the amendments.

The new Federal Rules may not apply to your case.

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5 Tricks to Help e-Discovery Project Managers Keep a Level Head

2016-04-30+0000| | e-Discovery

Project-Managers.pngAs cases become increasingly complex and involve more data, we have come to understand that project management is a critical discipline in the e-discovery field. Everyone on your team can contribute more effectively with the right organizational skills and big-picture thinking. You, as the project manager, can guide them through it—but not if you’re losing your cool.

Here are a few ways you can keep a level head while juggling demands, balancing the load, and scaling to meet every project’s needs.

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Getting on the Same Page for e-Discovery in the Meet & Confer

2016-04-30+0000| | Analytics, e-Discovery

blog-getting-on-same-page.pngPicture yourself working on a new case—an employment dispute. The initial meet and confer made you realize the discovery road could be quite long and the time has come to establish your e-discovery protocols. You’re planning for a second meet and confer with opposing counsel and you’ve done your homework on the data that will likely be involved from your client’s perspective. The case is around a dispute over discrimination between an employer and employee, and you anticipate much of the data produced will be emails. 

You have your preferred e-discovery workflow in place: near-duplicate detection and email threading to better organize the data from the start, and technology-assisted review to prioritize the review from there.

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Mobile Devices in Discovery – Blessing or Curse?

2016-04-30+0000| | e-Discovery, Mobile

Lighthouse_e-Discovery.jpgThis post was originally published by Lighthouse Discovery, a Relativity Best in Service Partner. It's a playful take on the challenges that arise from mobile data when it comes to e-discovery, and includes informative best practice recommendations.

Alarm goes off late, one of the kids cannot find their backpack for school, the dogs still need to be fed, and you have a meeting in less than an hour. Good morning chaos! You grab the car keys off the table and manage to get out the door in record time with everyone fed and intact. You are finally on the road when you realize your car is running on empty. You quickly drop off the kids at school and rush to the gas station to fill up just enough so that you are not running on fumes and can make it to your meeting on time. Sitting at the gas station, you reach for your phone to check email and make sure all is still set for the meeting. Where is it? Every pocket searched, work bag rummaged through at least twice, and console checked, but it is nowhere! Then it hits you. It is on the table right where your keys were, at home! As late and as stressed as you already are, you turn back home to get it.

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